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If you love to ride motorcycles and have the passion to share it with others why not get paid to do it?  We want you on our team!

All Rider Coaches become qualified by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and they are finally holding Rider Coach Prep (RCP) classes!

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how does the process work?

Straight Scoop from DPS


Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the motorcycle operator training program in Texas. 

We are looking for dedicated individuals to teach basic and advanced motorcycle operator training courses. Dedication is necessary because the title of RiderCoach carries with it many responsibilities. RiderCoaches are expected to develop professional facilitation skills along with evaluation and coaching abilities, set an example for your course participants and other riders, keep up to date on rider skill training techniques and maintain a high level of professionalism and riding proficiency. 

Below are some common questions regarding the RiderCoach process. 

What is a RiderCoach? 

RiderCoach is another name for Instructor. RiderCoaches conduct basic and advanced training courses using curriculum from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). RiderCoaches use adult learning principles to facilitate courses in a low threat and positive learning environment. This is not a lecture-based course, so the term RiderCoach better describes what you do … coach riders. 

What are the requirements to become RiderCoach? 

Review the minimum requirements below to verify you are eligible for consideration to become a RiderCoach. Requirements must be met at time of application submittal. 

Minimum requirements as outlined in excerpts of the Texas Administrative Rules, Section 31.3:


• be a high school graduate or possess a valid GED Include copy of High School diploma, GED certificate or College Degree with application 

• be a licensed driver for at least five years • possess a current, valid unrestricted Texas motorcycle license or an equivalent license from the applicant's state of residence for at least two years 

• be free from addiction to alcoholic beverages or drugs 

• be physically able and mentally competent to conduct correct classroom and on-cycle instruction, including technically correct riding demonstrations • hands-on Adult CPR training from a nationally recognized provider 

• hands-on Basic First Aid or Trauma First Aid training from a nationally recognized provider Note: CPR and First Aid training courses must provide hands-on skills practice. Certification will only be accepted from providers that meet or exceed the curriculum standards of American Red Cross, American Heart Association, DOT or NHTSA. Review the websites below to determine if you meet the driving record and criminal history minimum requirements as outlined in the Texas Administrative Rules, Section 31.2 (b). 

• Driving offenses: No more than 9 points. DRIVING RECORD EVALUATION If you do not have a Texas driver license, or have had a Texas motorcycle license for less than two years, submit with your application a copy of your out of state driving record and a letter/document from your previous state of residence showing the date you received your motorcycle endorsement. 

• Criminal offenses: Criminal history search includes felonies, criminal offenses involving moral turpitude, tampering with governmental records, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, or an offense committed as a result of criminally negligent operation of a motor vehicle. MORAL TURPITUDE Revised 01-2020 How do I apply to become a RiderCoach? Review the requirements above to be sure you meet the minimum standards, and if so complete an application and mail to our office along with copies of the necessary supporting documentation. Faxed or Scanned applications will not be accepted.

Applications will be sent to all training providers on January 31, 2020. Contact Coastal Cycle Academy  for an application after  that time; otherwise, email to request an application. 

• Incomplete applications or applications with missing supporting documentation will be denied and you will need to resubmit a new application. 

When will I know if I’m accepted in the RCP? 

All applications will be reviewed as they are received. You will be notified upon receipt of your application with information to start the fingerprint process then again with a status of if you meet the minimum standards. 

What do I do once I know I meet the minimum standards? You are encouraged to observe classes taught at local training schools. This will help your understanding of the course content and sequence. You may assist with cone placement and, if allowed at your training school, ride exercise demonstrations or conduct portions of the classroom while being observed by a RiderCoach. You may not at any time coach students, this includes simulated practices and reflections. All student questions must be referred to the RiderCoach(es) conducting the course. 

Note: you are not authorized to observe classes until we are able to verify you meet the minimum standards. 

How long is the RCP? 

The RCP is 9 days straight; Saturday to the following Sunday. 

What does the RCP cost? The course costs vary and can be found on our website, but start at $300 and includes instructional material (RiderCoach Guide). Applicant is responsible for expenses related to meals, mileage and lodging. 

When do I pay for the RCP? 

Payment will not be required until 60 days prior to the start of the RCP. Payment must be confirmed 45 days prior to the RCP at which time you will receive a RiderCoach Guide along with a written pre-course assignment and link to an online pre-course. Proof of both assignments must be submitted one week prior to the start of the RCP. What is covered during the RCP? During the RCP, RiderCoach Trainers will go over the specifics of teaching the MSF’s Basic RiderCourse and give you a few days to practice teaching your peers before you teach novice students. 

What are the requirements for successfully completing a RCP? 

• Complete an online eCourse assignment 

• Complete a written pre-course assignment 

• Attend all classroom and range sessions 

• Pass a riding skill evaluation 

• Pass a knowledge test

• Receive “meet standard” for all categories on a Qualitative Assessment 

• Receive a satisfactory evaluation on classroom and range teaching assignments in an actual basic motorcycle operator training course to be conducted during the final weekend of the RCP Upon successful completion of the RCP, RiderCoaches are “nationally certified” by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and “state approved” by the Texas Department of Public Safety Motorcycle Safety Unit to facilitate the MSF Basic RiderCourse in Texas. 


Are YOU Ready to do this?

Teaching others is VERY rewarding.  Teaching is even more rewarding when you are doing something you really enjoy doing.  Teaching is exceptionally rewarding when you get paid to do what you love!  We need more RiderCoaches and the pay is quite awesome for a weekend of "work" (if you can call it that).   Contact DPS at the link below to get the ball rolling!  Don't wait to do this because DPS doesn't offer the RCP very often.

If you need more information call DPS MSU directly:  Phone: (512) 424-2021 or 1-800-292-5787